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   Welcome to Guangzhou Foreign Investment Promotion Service Platform! Visitors to this platform must abide by the terms of this agreement and use the services provided by this platform. If you cannot accept the terms of this agreement, please do not use this platform. Accept the terms of this agreement and you will abide by the relevant regulations.
1. Acceptance of platform service terms The services provided by this platform are in full compliance with the terms of agreement and operating rules published by it. The users mentioned in the terms of this agreement refer to users who fully agree to all the terms and complete the registration process, as well as non-registered users.
2. Changes and amendments to the terms of service This platform has the right to modify the terms of service at any time. In the event of a change in the terms of service, the platform will prompt the modified content on the page; when users use the special services of this platform, they should accept the rules or instructions related to the special services provided by the platform at any time, and these rules or instructions constitute this Part of the terms of service. If the user does not agree to the modification of the terms of service, he can take the initiative to cancel the network service he has obtained; if the user continues to enjoy the network service, it is deemed that the user has accepted the modification of the terms of service.
3. The user shall abide by the following laws and regulations: The user agrees to abide by the "Confidentiality Law of the People's Republic of China", "Regulations on the Confidentiality Management of Computer Information Systems International Networking", "Regulations on the Security Protection of Computer Information Systems of the People's Republic of China", "Computer Information Network International Networking" Security Protection Management Measures, the Interim Provisions of the People’s Republic of China on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks and its implementation measures, including laws, regulations and implementation measures related to computer and Internet regulations. In any case, this platform reasonably believes that the user's behavior may violate the above-mentioned laws and regulations, and can terminate the provision of services to the user at any time without prior notice.
4. Users are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:
(1) Upload, post, send email or send any illegal, harmful, coercive, harassing, infringing, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, obscene, infringing on others due to privacy, racial discrimination or other unpleasant things including but not limited to Information, data, text, software, music, photos, graphics, information or other data (hereinafter referred to as content).
(2) Harm minors in any way.
(3) Pretend to be any person or organization, or falsely claim or make people mistakenly believe that it is related to any person or organization.
(4) Forge titles or manipulate identification data in other ways to make people mistakenly believe that the content is transmitted by the platform.
(5) Upload, post, send e-mail or other means of content that is not authorized to transmit (such as internal information, confidential information).
(6) Upload, post, email or transmit content that infringes any person's patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other exclusive rights.
(7) Upload, post, send e-mail or other means of advertising letters, promotional materials, "spam", etc. Except for dedicated areas for the aforementioned purposes.
(8) Upload, post, email or other information about software viruses or other computer codes, files and programs that interfere with, destroy or limit the functions of any computer software, hardware or communication equipment.
(9) Interfere with or destroy the service or the server and network connected to the service, or fail to comply with the rules for the use of the service network.
(10) Intentionally or unintentionally violates any relevant Chinese laws, regulations, rules, ordinances and other legally binding norms.
(11) Stalking or harassing others in other ways.
(12) Users are fully responsible for the content uploaded, posted, emailed or transmitted via this service.
(13) For the content transmitted through this service, this platform does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or quality of the aforementioned content. When the user accepts this service, under any circumstances, this platform is not responsible for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any content and any loss or damage arising therefrom. This platform has the right (but no obligation) to reject or delete any content provided through this service. Users use the above content at their own risk.
(14) This platform has the right to save or disclose the content under the following circumstances:
a. As required by legal procedures;
b. The provisions of these terms of service;
c. The infringed third party makes a claim;
d. To protect the rights, property or personal safety of this platform, its users and the public.
e. Other situations deemed necessary by this platform.
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